Advanced Spreadsheets – Link data within a spreadsheet, between spreadsheets.

To link data between different sheets within a spreadsheet, select the cell on which you want to create the link. After this go to the input line and input ‘=’. After this, go to the sheet whose data you want to link to this sheet and select the cell which needs to be linked. Click ‘Enter’ from the keyboard. The control will return to the original sheet and the data value from the other sheet will get copied here. This is how we can create a link within a spreadsheet in Calc.

Worksheet Link
To create link between spreadsheets, you need to follow similar steps as have been given above. But instead of opening a different sheet within the same spreadsheet as we had done above, here you need to open a new spreadsheet, select the cell in this sheet and then press ‘Enter’. This will link the data between spreadsheets.

Spreadsheet Link 11

Update, break a link.

To update or break a link, select the cell which contains the link. This will show the link information in the input line. We can make changes to the link info here in order to update the link.

In order to break the link, we just need to delete the link info. This will break the link.

Break Link 12