Advanced Spreadsheets – Change the chart type for a defined data series

Changing the chart type for any chart is helpful when we want to showcase our data in a different format. Sometimes, we might create a particular chart for a set of data but then later figure out that some other chart type would have been a better way of depicting this data. In such a case, we do not need to create another chart from scratch and can simply change the chart type for the already present chart.


In order to change the chart type of a chart which has been created for a defined data series, first of all we need to select the chart by double-clicking on it. The chart will become surrounded by a grey border upon selection. After selecting the chart, click on ‘Format’ button on the main menu bar. From the resulting drop-down, click on ‘Chart Type’. After clicking on the ‘Chart Type’ button, the ‘Chart Type’ dialog box appears.

You can also right-click anywhere on the chart area, and then from the resulting menu click on ‘Chart Type’. This will also open the ‘Chart Type’ dialog box.
Chart Type 5
This lists the different chart types available. Any chart type can be selected from this list. After selection of the required chart type, just click on ‘OK’ and the chart type will get changed and a new chart will be created having the updated chart type.
Pie Chart 6