Adding Pages in WordPress

In this lesson we will look at adding pages to the site, we will also look at ordering those pages on the menu. Although in a previous lesson we added the welcome (home) page, we will look at the page options the Weaver theme offers and adding pages to a dropdown menu. Firstly we need to login to the site’s backend.

Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson

Click Pages. Click Add New. Enter Page Title. Title About Us entered, before we click Publish lets look at the page attributes. Parent drop down we will look at later. Template drop down gives us options for different page layouts from the default 1 sidebar right hand side through sidebar left or right. To 1 column no sidebar a good option for gallery page allows full page width for images. For more detailed descriptions look in appearance> weaver 2010>help

Order (default is 0) is where the page appears in the menu, the home page will always appear first. Although we are about to publish this page with an Order of 0 it will not move the home page. This may not be true of all templates so always check the site after you publish a new page. Click Publish and go to the site’s front page to view changes.

The new page appears on the menu in the expected order. Note you may need to refresh the browser to update the view. Now return to the backend to add more pages. Click Add New. Enter Page Title. Change the page Order to 1, and click Publish. This page we will be assigned as a child of an existing page and create a dropdown menu. Enter Page Title and click Parent dropdown. Select Services. Note we have not changed the order as this will be the first item in the new menu. Click Publish.

Click Services. The new page has been added to the dropdown menu. We are about to add this new page, we will not change the order for this page. Click Publish then view the site. Note the new page is placed on the menu in the 0 position alphabetical. It should appear after services, return to the backend to correct this position. Change the page order to 2. and click Update. Page has been updated click View Page.  The page is now moved to the correct position on the menu.

In this lesson we have learnt to add pages to the site and create dropdown menus. In the next lesson we will look at adding content to the pages, this content will be basic text and pictures. Though once you learnt to add the basic content it is not that difficult to add video and other media.