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This free training course contains three separate modules.

Tutorial 1 is Customising Your PC.

  • The first lesson is “Desktop Icons“.
  • The second lesson is “Customising Your Desktop”.
  • The third lesson is “Installing Software”.
  • The forth lesson is “Uninstall Software”.

Tutorial 2 is IT Tips.

  • The first lesson is “How To Store Data“.
  • The second lesson is “Google Search”.
  • The third lesson is “How To Backup”.
  • The forth lesson is “Using Help”.
  • The fifth lesson is “Storing Data On The Local Drive”.
  • The sixth lesson is “Working With Outlook”

Tutorial 3 is Windows Maintenance.

  • The first lesson is “Disk Defragmenter”.
  • The second lesson is “Disk Cleanup”.
  • The third lesson is “Favorites”.
  • The forth lesson is “Files and Folders”.
  • The fifth lesson is “Recycle Bin”.
  • The sixth lesson is “Scan Disk”.
  • The seventh lesson is “Temporary Internet Files and Cookies”.
  • The eighth lesson is “Anti-virus Software”.

There is also a quiz at the end of each tutorial to test your knowledge.

This is a total of 18 lessons.

How to Enrol

Enter your name and email address, then press “Enrol Me”. You will then be sent links to these lessons on a regular basis. When you have completed this course to will be sent updates on new courses, all of which will be free.


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