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Here is a summary of the previous lessons.

This first lesson is “Windows Server Overview“. As a network administrator you will need to know which product to use in a certain situation.  This free lesson is an overview of the Windows XP Server 2003 Operating System.

The second lesson is “Windows Scheduler”. Microsoft Windows includes a Task Scheduler utility.  This lesson will teach you how to use Scheduler to run programs automatically at a specific time and at a set interval.

The third lesson is “Multi-Language and Regional Support”. This free lesson will teach you how to configure and troubleshoot the Multi-Language and Regional Support of Widows.

The forth lesson is “Microsoft Management Console”. This free lesson teaches the Microsoft Management Console utility. MMC provides tools for managing system functions, such as Users and Groups, Disk Management and Security Settings.

The fifth lesson is “Windows Licensing”. You need a Client Access License (CAL) for all clients that attach to a Windows server over the network. This free lesson explains the different types available.

The sixth lesson is “Windows Domains and Workgroups”. The full benefits of Windows can only be achieved by placing all of the computers on the network into domains. This lesson covers the basics of these domains.

When you have reviewed theses lessons you will be ready to take the Windows Server Quiz again.

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