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Here is a summary of the previous lessons.

This first lesson is “Introduction to Hardware“. This lesson will seek to dispense some of the mist that may surround the hardware of a computer.

The second lesson is “Introduction To Networking”.  We use networks for communication between computers, sharing of data and peripherals, as well as for ease of administration and to cut costs.

The third lesson is “An Introduction To Microsoft Windows”.  Microsoft Windows dates back to 1985 with Version 1.01. Microsoft’s aim was to provide a friendly user-interface for easier navigation of the system features. This lesson will teach you the history of Windows and other Operating Systems.

The forth lesson is “Managing Files and Folders”.  This lesson will explain how to manage the files and folders on your computer, you will be shown how to manage, copy, create and move folders and files.

The fifth lesson is “The Start Menu”.  The Start Menu allows for applications to be easily located and launched. As the name implies, The Start menu is the starting point for most tasks in Windows.

The sixth lesson is “Desktop and My Documents”.  This Lesson will teach you how to manage the Windows Desktop and the My Documents folder.

The seventh lesson is “Server Roles”.  The term Server refers to a machine that is providing a service for other machines. This free lesson will explain some of these services.

When you have reviewed theses lessons you will be ready to take the Windows Quickstart Test again.

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