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Is it possible to open multiple Math documents simultaneously at a time in LibreOffice Math?


If the ‘Tips’ HELP option is enabled in LibreOffice Math, then by placing the mouse pointer over any icon we get


It is possible to hide/display the different types of toolbars which are displayed at a time in LibreOffice Math.


In LibreOffice Math, which of the following can be used for entering a formula?


What would be the markup command used for displaying ‘a x b’ in LibreOffice Math?


What would be the result of the Markup command ‘a_n’ in LibreOffice Math?


In LibreOffice Math, the markups ‘2 over x +1’ and ‘2 over {x + 1}’ will display the same results.


Which of the following markup commands is used to start an equation from a new line in LibreOffice Math?


Which of the following basic options/preferences can be set in the LibreOffice Math application?


Which among the following is a correct markup command for writing a partial derivative?


If we need to include text values in a formula in LibreOffice Math, we need to enclose the text values in straight double-quotes.


It is not possible to adjust spacing in formulas in LibreOffice Math.


We can use the formulas and equations created using Math in other components of LibreOffice like Calc, Impress, Draw and Writer.


Which among the following can be altered when we are trying to change the appearance of a formula in LibreOffice Math?


Is it possible to convert the formula editor in LibreOffice Math into a floating window?


Which among the following file formats can be used to export or save a Math document?


What would be the markup command used for displaying ‘Α’ in LibreOffice Math?


In LibreOffice Math, it is not possible to add a symbol to the catalog for using it in the creation of formulas and equations at a later stage.


What would be the result of the Markup command ‘a^2’ in LibreOffice Math?


Is it possible to select a background color in LibreOffice Math?

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