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Here is a summary of the previous lessons.

This first lesson is “Partitions and Volumes“. A hard disk can contain multiple partitions and file-systems. As you will learn from the free lesson, this can be extremely useful.

The second lesson is “Converting to Dynamic Disks”. In order to use a dynamic volume on a Windows XP/2003 system the original basic disk will need to be converted to a dynamic disk.  This lesson will teach you how this is done.

The third lesson is “File Systems”. A File System organises and allows for the retrieval of the data stored on the disk.  This free lesson will teach you how data is stored on the disk and how to set up different File Systems

The forth lesson is “Volume Sets”. Fault-Tolerance/Redundancy of data and high speed data access are essential requirements in many of today’s businesses.  Learn the different options available.

The fifth lesson is “Spanned Volumes”. Spanned Volumes can make use of any unused drive space on separate drives.  This free lesson explains how they can be configured.

The sixth lesson is “Mirrored Volumes”. This lesson explains Mirrored Volumes.  These store the same information on each drive, making information on the second drive available for fault tolerance.

The seventh lesson is “RAID-5 Volumes”. The term Server refers to a machine that is providing a service for other machines. This free lesson will explain some of these services.

When you have reviewed theses lessons you will be ready to take the Managing Disks Quiz again.

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