Installing and Configuring SUS Clients

If you are using Windows 2000 SP2 or Windows XP without SP1 then you will need to download the Automatic Updates Clients from Microsoft’s Website.

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SUS is configured using group policy. You can either configure a local computer using your local policy or more conveniently using a site, domain or an organizational unit policy. This example uses the OfficePCs OU. Right-click on the OU. Select Properties. Select Group Policy. Select New to create a new Policy. Choose a recognizable name for the policy. Click on Edit to launch the Group Policy Object Editor. Expand Administrative Templates. Some systems may require you to install the “wuau” administrative template. Right-click on Administrative Templates. Select Add/Remove Templates. If “wuau” is not in the list then click on Add. And open “wuau.adm”.

Once added, click on Close. This will enable the settings for Automatic Updates. Expand Windows Components. Select Windows Update. Open the “Configure Automatic Updates” policy. Select Enabled. Change the Schedule settings to meet your needs and click “Next Setting”. To use a SUS server click on Enabled. And specify the URL of the SUS server. N.B. This was given during the install of the server. Click on OK to apply the new policy. Clients in the OU will now download approved updates automatically from the SUS server.